China Warfarin

CAS No.: 81-81-2
Appearance: off-white powder
Class or Division: 6.1
UN No.: 3027
Packing Group: II
Package: 25kg/drum
Usage: Put this product with certain proportion into grains and edible oil(around 3%) ,then stir repeatedly until mixed.Put the poison baits(0.005% to 0.025%) along the rats runway side,holes and the places where rats often appear. 60-100 g / 15 square meters. Check the baits after 48h and make sure the baits are enough. The efficacy can maintain 10-14 days.
First-aid: Vitamin K1
ItemsStandard Value
Content of Active Ingredient (Warfarin) (%)≥2.0
Dry loss (%) ≤1.0China Warfarin